“The Drones Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS) represents, supports and promotes its members who offer and export drone-related products and services from Switzerland. DIAS embraces the safe use of drones and seeks to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of drones.”

Our Purpose


Embrace the use and acceptance of drones (a.k.a. unmanned aerial systems)


Represent, support, defend and promote Swiss drone companies, specifically with a focus on export.


 Engage with other associations and groups facing similar challenges


The Association may engage in all activities and take all actions necessary and appropriate to carry out the above objectives


DIAS Board 2020/21

Manu Lubrano
Manu LubranoPresident (Involi)
Adam Klaptocz
Adam KlaptoczVice President (RigiTech)
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson Board member (OpenStratosphere)
Frederic Hemmeler
Frederic Hemmeler Treasurer (Aero41)
Kevin Sartori
Kevin SartoriBoard member (Auterion)

Articles of Association