Swiss Drone Industry Report 2021

Swiss Drone Industry Report 2021

Swiss Drone Industry Report 2021

First comprehensive analysis of
the Swiss Drone Industry

Drones are a key future technology and will profoundly change the economy and society in the coming years and decades. They will have a crucial economic importance and will create opportunities for many regions in Switzerland.

The first ever Swiss Drone Industry report analyzes the strengths of Swiss drone companies and the competitiveness of the Swiss drone market. This is the first time that comprehensive facts and insights about the Swiss drone industry are published in a full report.

1st Swiss Drone Industry Report

Goals of the report

Measure and create a common understanding of the Swiss drone industry (revenue, jobs created, investments).

Understand what it means to be a Swiss drone company: origins of the Swiss drone ecosystem, what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Predict the industry’s outlook in Switzerland and showcase the value of the drone industry for the Swiss economy.

The key results

Size of Swiss Drone Industry in 2021

CHF 521m

Total jobs in
Switzerland in 2021


Expected yearly compound revenue growth rate


Capital raised by Swiss
drone companies

CHF 214m

Share of revenue from


Global ranking of commercial revenue per capita